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Going to Joe’s Produce Gourmet Market is like visiting your favorite grocer, baker, butcher and caterer – all in one easy stop.

The shops at Joe’s Produce are staffed by experts who are more than eager to help you choose the right mix for everything from a casual dinner to a major event.

Joe’s Produce delivers only the finest fruit and vegetables, selected daily from local farmers’ markets and organic farms.

Joe’s Meat & Seafood boasts the biggest meat counter in the area. The premium meat, poultry and seafood is sourced from the most respected farms and arrives completely fresh, never frozen, and free of antibiotics and other chemicals.

Art of Bread by Joe’s begins its day before dawn, when the dough for that day’s stock is mixed and baked by experts. All-natural, all-fresh bread, loaves, rolls, scones and other baked goods are always on display.

Entertaining? Joe’s Gourmet Catering saves you tons of time and hassle by designing a customized event based on your budget and your preferences.

Those are just a few of the markets and departments you’ll find at your neighborhood market. Discover the quality, value and customer service that have kept Joe’s a local favorite for over 70 years.

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