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When it comes to selecting meat and seafood for your family, the stakes are high. Fillers, binders and antibiotics are known to be in commercially processed meat, and rarely are such additives beneficial to your health.

No one in the metro Detroit area is as committed to the highest quality and freshest meat as Joe’s Produce Gourmet Market.

The choices in the Meat & Seafood department change daily, with new supplies brought in each morning.

Meat is ground fresh at Joe’s daily, and monitored constantly for freshness. All at prices competitive to the frozen processed meat in large supermarkets.

Sausages are made in-house, in tempting varieties like chicken, lamb and pork, with new recipes created frequently. Only the freshest meats, natural casings and other natural ingredients go into these never-frozen, tasty treats.

A great selection

You will find everything from Bell & Evans chicken to Piedmontese beef to Dearborn Sausage brand in stock everyday.

Not sure which is the best choice? Joe’s expert staff is ready to lend a hand.

Freshness and quality are the reasons people come to Joe’s and the reasons they come back again and again for meat and seafood for everyday meals and special events.

Joe’s makes the difference!


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