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As chefs say, most of us “eat with our eyes” – we are attracted to the food that looks inviting.

Nowhere is that concept more clear than among the pastry and café aisles at Joe’s Produce Gourmet Market. From the modest breakfast muffin to the photo-ready wedding cake, these creations envelope the senses with their color, shapes, aroma and, most of all, taste.

Desserts for the moment

The professional bakers at Joe’s Produce Gourmet Market are like artists – they draw from their inspiration, then tap into their hands-on skills to create something extraordinary.

Creative, customized cakes, cookies and other pastries are a Joe’s specialty. The bakers pay close attention to your needs and preferences to ensure you get what you want, no matter how elaborate or simple.

  • Birthdays, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, graduations, anniversaries – enhance the happy occasion with a treat literally made to order.
  • Seasonal and holiday-themed pastries are a huge draw for Joe’s customers. You won’t believe your eyes when you see how beautiful or whimsical a cookie or cupcake can be.

Come in with any request, no matter how unusual or specialized – the bakers love a challenge!

Freshness first

Joe’s bakers use the organic, hand-selected ingredients found at Joe’s Produce to create their pastries. Everything from dough to icing is prepared onsite.

That means you’ll never find additives or preservatives, and you’ll notice the difference with every delicious bite.

Ready to make your dessert “pop”?

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