White Chocolate Brownies

It’s a beautiful morning out there! Chilly, especially judging by how mild the temps have been all winter, but pretty nonetheless! It’s a nice day for staying in and baking. Inspired by the pretty scene outside my window, the glistening white snow makes me think about white chocolate brownies.
When making these brownies, it is very important that you use the best quality white chocolate that you can afford. It’s important to note that white chocolate coating chocolate will not work in this recipe because it isn’t pure white chocolate, and there are other ingredients in the coating chocolate that will cause the recipe to fail.
This batch of brownies makes a half sheet pan (some call this a jelly roll pan). It’s a shallow, rectangular, metal baking pan that’s about an inch deep. Spray the pan lightly with pan spray, then line the pan with parchment paper. This recipe freezes well after baked, so if you decide to freeze them, simply wrap them very tightly and freeze for up to one month.

White Chocolate Brownies


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