A variety of brands in our


While discovering new foods is exciting, knowing your favorite brands are on hand is always reassuring.

The grocery, dairy and frozen foods section of Joe’s Produce Gourmet Market is a popular “hidden gem” in the back of the store.

Stock up with confidence

The grocery section is where Joe’s customers go to stock up on the staples, confident that the freshness and quality of each item is the staff’s top priority. And once you stop by the “back of the store,” you’ll likely want to return, too.

  • Frozen foods come from proven brands.
  • Dairy items are constantly monitored and rotated for freshness.
  • The grocery features both items that you are familiar with and unique selections.

Personalized service is a hallmark of the grocery, dairy and frozen departments. In fact, if you have a special request, the staff will add your name and number and call you when it comes in.

Michigan brands in the spotlight

As a Michigan company, Joe’s Produce is proud to put Michigan suppliers in the spotlight.

Beyond sourcing fresh produce from Michigan growers, Joe’s stocks its grocery and dairy aisles with local favorites:

  • Pasta from Johnny Carino’s
  • Chips and salsa from Chuck & Dave’s
  • Milk and sour cream from Calder Dairy
  • Ice cream from Guernsey Farms
  • And Joe’s own brand – a variety of items created just for Joe!

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