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Even with the best intentions, you may not be getting the best produce from a large supermarket – where food is often trucked in from distant suppliers and sometimes left sitting for days.

The produce shop at Joe’s Produce Gourmet Market is different.

Quality and freshness are #1

Joe’s Produce got its start as a family farm, growing and selling their own fruit and vegetables – and the tradition of quality continues to this day.  Joe’s staff personally hand-picks local produce:

  • During typical seasons, the buyers visit Eastern Market and the Detroit Produce Terminal six or seven days a week.
  • They inspect every piece of fruit, checking carefully for bruises, flaws or discoloration.The inspection continues at Joe’s Produce Gourmet Market, where the produce is cleaned and checked again before being put on display.
  • Restocking is continuous, with an eye toward consistent freshness.
  • The juices are fresh-squeezed that day, so you enjoy the sweetest, healthiest orange juice, carrot juice and grapefruit juice.

    Eat well, and enjoy it

    It’s one thing to buy the freshest fruit and vegetables, and another to serve it so that you and your family will enjoy it.

    The staff at Joe’s can give you tips and ideas on how to prepare your produce in tasty, appealing ways that will encourage everyone to eat up!

    They’ll show you what’s in season, which means produce at its very peak of flavor.

    Want something you don’t find in our produce shop? Just ask – we’ll identify the best supplier and order it for you.



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